It's all fun and games until someone gets turned into a donkey.

Three storylines interweave as four young lovers run into an enchanted forest in the name of true love. The fairies intervene with magic and more than a dash of mischief! In the forest, a group of amateur actors rehearse a hilariously bad play. As the King and the Queen of the Fairies are quarreling, the King of the Fairies, instructs his sprite, Puck, to turn one of the foolish players into a donkey, and the Fairy Queen, falls madly in love with him!!

This fast-paced, highly physical production from Shakespeare All Stars is a wonderful way to introduce audiences of all ages to Shakespeare and entertain by suiting “the action to the word, the word to the action.”

CHICAGO - May 6, 2019
Irish American Heritage Ctr
10:30 am | $9.00

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