In a utopian world where pain, uncertainty, and indecision are things of the past and Sameness is the ideal, 12 year-old Jonas has been anointed the new “Receiver of Memory”, the one member of the community who will hold knowledge of the time before Sameness. To receive this knowledge, he’ll have to spend time with “The Giver”, the previous holder of memory, who’ll be Jonas’ guide into the old world, where pain and happiness existed in equal parts.

As Jonas discovers more about the past, he begins to realize how Sameness has killed the essential humanity of his community. That realization leads to a course of action he hopes will break the cycle, even though it will put his life - and that of Gabriel, a baby he’s sworn to protect - in mortal danger.

THE GIVER has performances booked in Chicago, Palatine, and St Charles, and is also available to tour to your school in April and May (auditorium with lighting system required).

PALATINE - May 7, 2019
Cutting Hall
10 & 11:45am | $8.00
CHICAGO - May 8, 2019
Irish American Heritage Ctr
10:30am | $8.00
ST CHARLES- May 9, 2019
Arcada Theater
10:30am | $8.00

$1090 per performance
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